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School Hours:  7:55 a.m. - 2:40 p.m. If your child arrives late, please check in at the office.  If you have to pick your child up (i.e. for a dr. appt.), you have to sign him/her out in the office.

  • Attendance:  a successful start to school begins in kindergarten!  Help your child to learn the importance of starting a school routine.  Your child’s progress, both academically and socially, is influenced to a great extent by daily participation.  Regular attendance without tardiness is a valuable life skill

  • Transportation:  Drop Off:  If your child rides the bus, he or she will be escorted off of the bus into school.  From here, staff are in place to help your child get to his/her locker and back to the lunch room or gym for before school activities.  If you drop your child off, you are welcome to escort your child to his/her locker and back to the lunch room or gym for before school activities.  Our goal is for your child to become independent with drop off procedures.  Students cannot be in the classroom prior to the bell ringing at 7:55.  Pick Up:  Bus students are escorted to the bus by the classroom teachers.  Parent pick up students are escorted to the gym by Riverview staff.  PARENT PICK UP OCCURS IN THE GYM ONLY.  Please always have your purple pick up pass with you along with a photo i.d.  This will speed up the pick-up process for you and your child.  If you plan to pick up a child that normally rides the bus at the end of the day, you must call the Riverview Office (663-9500) by 2:00 p.m.  

  • E-Mail & Phone Calls:  My school e-mail is the most efficient way to get in touch with me during the school day .  My classroom phone number is 663-9245.  I do not answer my phone if I am with students; please e-mail or leave a voice message and I will get back to you.  Please call the Riverview School Office for emergencies or changes in end of the day pick up schedules--663-9500.

  • Medications:  Please fill out a medication form in the school office.  For safety reasons, DO NOT ever send medications to school in your child’s backpack.  Even cough/throat drops and sunscreen or lotions are considered medications.

  • Friday Folders and Homework:  Please check your child’s backpack each day.  Although ‘FRIDAY FOLDERS’ are scheduled to come home only on Fridays, there are times I need an important paper signed and returned the following day.  Special papers and projects may also be sent home in your child’s backpack during the week.  Please return Friday Folders every Monday.  This year, your child will have math and reading homework!  Please return math homework the next day.  Specific reading homework will be detailed in a note which will be sent home later.  For now, try to read to your child for 10 minutes MOST days of the week.  

  • Full Day Kindergarten Curriculum:  I will send our class schedule home  as soon as it is ready; I like to get to know the class needs first, then design a schedule that works for us  We take part in reading (60-90 minutes daily), writing (60 minutes daily), math (60-90 minutes daily), social skills (1 lesson weekly and on demand along with centers 60 minutes per week), science (taught in conjunction with reading along with weekly projects), art (1-2 x’s weekly for 45 minutes), gym (1-2 x’s  weekly for 45 minutes each along with daily recess 30+ minutes), and music (1-2 x’s weekly for 45 minutes each along with music and movement activities in the classroom throughout each day.)  It is my philosophy to also include play time into our kindergarten day.  I feel strongly that play is a child’s ‘work’; it is a time to explore, be social, learn how to work alongside others, discover new interests, build on existing ones, and be ‘free’ of the many ‘have to’s’ that are demanded of our little ones at this early age  I will schedule play times at least 3 days per week for 30 minutes.  Spontaneous play/discovery times are also a welcomed part of our day and occur as needed.

  • Field Trips:  We take 3 trips to the Rahr School Forest (fall, winter, and spring.)  We also take end of the year trips to Schuette Park and the farm!  Chaperones are welcome and expected to be comfortable in a setting of up to 60+ kinders!  We take field trips with 2 other classes  I will announce field trips in my monthly newsletters and will ask for 2-3 chaperones per trip.  

  • Parent/Guardian Volunteers:  In our class, we always have an open door policy for visiting.  Simply give me a bit of notice so I can plan accordingly for your visit, CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE, and come on down to our classroom.  Whenever you are visiting Riverview and entering the kindergarten hallway(s), you should be wearing a visitor’s badge.  This identifies that you have checked in at the office.  I like to establish routines with the class in September.  I will let you know in my newsletters after September when I need volunteers and classroom helpers.

  • Lunch:  Chartwells is our lunch distributor and will handle all monetary and lunch comments and questions.  They can be located on the MPSD website ( under ‘Services’ then ‘Food Service’   Forms are available in the Riverview Office if you wish to apply for ‘free or reduced lunch’.  Our class eats lunch in the cafeteria at 11:35-12:05 and is supervised by a lunch aide.

  • Snack:  We will have snack time each morning.  PLEASE SUPPLY YOUR CHILD WITH A SMALL, HEALTHY SNACK EACH DAY.  Milk costs are taken off of your Chartwells credit.

  • Rest Time:  Our class will rest for approximately 20-30 minutes daily early in the class needs change, rest time evolves into private reading time.  Your child will be asked to rest, relax, and lay quietly during rest time.  Please send in a beach towel or small blanket for your child to rest on.  I will send towels or blankets home every other week to be washed.  Please return promptly so your child has something to rest on.

  • Birthdays:  Simple treats are welcome but certainly not expected on your child’s special day We will share birthday treats during our morning snack time (around 9:30 a.m.).  Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the ½ year mark!  Watch our monthly calendar for these birthday announcements.

  • Monthly Calendar & News:  Please watch your Friday Folder for these items.  This calendar will let you know of special events as well as what day your child will be the ‘Star of the Day’!

  • Star of the Day:  This idea mimics the traditional ‘show and tell’ and will begin in October.  Star of the Day is a resolution to having children bring toys to school every day.  On your child’s day, he or she is welcome to bring in one special item to share with the class. Items must be safe, non-violent, and ‘shareable’.  Your child will also be the line leader and special helper of the day!  Star days will be indicated on the monthly calendar.  Children will have (approximately) one Star day per month.

  • Library Books:  At Riverview, we have a beautiful library!  Our librarian is Mrs. Zahn.  Beginning in October, your child will have the opportunity to check out books from the library.  Once your child returns the book, he or she can go back to get another.  This is a prime opportunity for you to teach your child about how to be responsible with library books  

  • Pizza Hut ‘Book It’ Program:  Our school participates in the Pizza Hut Book It Program which promotes reading!  For every 10 books read, your child can earn a personal pan pizza.  Forms will come home in October and run through March.  

  • Behavior and Discipline:  The general rule for discipline in our classroom is this: I want to be able to provide all of your children the opportunity to learn with and from each other in a safe environment.  As a class, we will work on creating a ‘school family’; a place where students feel happy about coming to school, a place where students feel safe and taken care of, and a place where students feel successful and proud of his or her efforts.   This year, as a school, we will be implementing a new and improved school-wide plan regarding positive school behaviors.  An explanation of our school guidelines will be sent home soon.  Discipline is handled on an individual basis (a plan will be created alongside parents) if it is an issue.

Yog koj xav tau ib daim txhais ua lus Hmoob, thov hu Hmoob Tus Xov Tooj, 920-663-9373.

Si usted necesita esta informacion traducida al Español, por favor Hame al 920-663-9372.

I hope you find this information helpful Let me know if you have any further questions.


Mrs. Schroeder