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Note: In our classroom we focus on the season and the weather more so than holidays each month.  For instance, we learn about turkeys in November as part of science and learn about holidays around the world in December as part of social studies.  I prefer to take a more broad approach when teaching throughout the year out of respect for the diversity of beliefs in our classroom and community.  Therefore, we will not 'study' about holidays especially if they are based on religion (i.e. Christmas, Easter, St. Valentine's Day, or St. Patrick's Day.)


ATTENTION PARENT HELPERS: If you are ever interested in helping out in the classroom on a regular basis, please let me know.  I am open to help any time or any day of the week:-)  Please let me know what days and times work best for you! 

Also, when thinking about being a classroom helper, let me know your comfort level. 

Are you interested in working with a larger or smaller group of kids?  Are you interested in reading to kids?  Are you comfortable doing messy art projects?  Or are you more comfortable doing simple cutting projects or preparing projects for the teacher and not working directly with kids?  Thanks!


We practice being bucket fillers in our classroom each day! 

How To Be A Bucket Filler

1.  I listen.

2.  I use helping hands.

3.  I use kind words.

4.  I am responsible for my words and actions.

Future School Forest Dates:

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December News & Notes from Mrs. Schroeder & Class

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In Reading:  In unit 2 we have continued working hard on learning the characteristics of what readers look and sound like.  We will continue to  practice private and partner reading in order to build our stamina during reading time.  We have been introduced to ‘SUPER READING POWERS’!!  Students have learned about ‘pointer power’, ‘snap word (sight word) power’, ‘partner power’, ‘reread power’, and ‘pattern power’.  . These strategies were introduced this past month but will be revisited all school year.  This month, your child will be given the Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment.  This reading test measures your child’s current reading level.  You might be wondering, ‘but my child can’t read yet!?’  This is a baseline test that determines your child’s starting point as a reader.  For one, I am looking to see if your child has internalized any reading strategies that we have learned thus far in kindergarten.  I am also looking for other characteristics of a reader.  For example, can your child point to words as he or she reads a book with a pattern?  Does your child know the difference between a letter and a word?  Can your child pick up on a pattern in a text with or without assistance? How familiar is your child with the sight words?  Once the test is complete, I will use the information to individualize a reading plan for your child as we head into 2nd semester!!  Reading book bags will be sent home with books AT YOUR CHILD’S READING LEVEL in January.  These books will be unfamiliar to your child.  Your role in reading with your child will be to HELP DISCOVER THE PATTERN, LISTEN TO YOUR READER, and WATCH THE MAGIC HAPPEN!  This turning point is truly my favorite thing about kindergarten!  I can’t wait for you to share this with us!

In Writing:   Unit 2 continues with the theme of writing about stories that have really happened to us (personal narratives.)  In unit 2, we are working on adding more details to our drawings to make them interesting, learning about vowels and how they are in the middle of many words, working on hearing more sounds in labels and sentences, and working alongside our partner to make our writing the best it can be!

In Math:  We have completed unit 2 in math and have started unit 3.  Unit 3 is all about teen numbers as tens and ones.  We will identify 10 groups within teen numbers, explore partners through 6, discuss addition and subtraction stories, show teen numbers as a 10 group and extra ones, make teen numbers using5 groups, make 2D shapes, explore and practice classifying, and build and show teen numbers with classroom objects.  Anything along these lines that you can do at home to support TEEN PRACTICE will only help your child to be successful in math this month!

In Science & Social Studies:  In science, we are beginning to study the characteristics of winter.  In social studies, we have been having many class conversations about our responsiblities here at school.  We have been revisiting many things we learned early in the school year such as how to be a good friend, a good listener and learner, and how to be respectful in the halls, in specials, and on the playground as well.  We are also continuuing to work on problem solving daily as a class as situations arise.  Please continue to talk to your child about making positive, safe, and caring choices at school.

Your conversations at home about positive school behaviors are very helpful to me and have made an impact:-)  

PLEASE DON’T FORGET:  Return Friday Folders on Mondays, return rest towels (when sent home to wash) on Mondays, send in a daily snack, send in an extra set of clothes (for accidents), and send in an art smock (if you haven’t).  As always, contact me if you need anything or have any questions:-)  Thanks for all you do!!

Mrs. Schroeder or 663-9245