staff photo

A necessary recipe for student success:

18 Classroom Teachers
3 Special Education Teachers
1 School Counselor
1 Music Teacher
1 Art Teacher
1 Physical Education Teacher
1 Reading Teacher
1 English as a Second Language Teacher
1 School Psychologist
1 School Nurse
1 Speech Therapist
1 Occupational Therapists
2 Physical Therapist
2 Custodians
1 Library Media Manager
7 Special Education Aides
1 Reading Teacher Aide
1 English as a Second Language Teacher Aide
6 Instructional Aides
1 School Secretary
1 Office Assistant/Health Aide
1 Principal

Mix all of these amazing staff members together until well blended. Gently sprinkle their knowledge, caring  and expertise over top of the 382 Riverview students. Watch closely for doneness. This will take approximately 180 days.   

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